Data Center Infra Management Solutions

Data centre mgmt is an ever-growing topic. Especially for the larger companies, who are running DCs. Topics being discussed are Scalability, Security, provisioning, disaster recovery, etc. Another major point of consideration is customer dissatisfaction & business losses. Finally hidden cost regarding competency issues of the personnel &their productivity. We align business objectives for DC’s, ICT and NON ICT strategy in unison

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Centralized Command & Control System
360 Degree Infrastructure Solution
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the advantages

Our key deliverables Data Center Management Solutions

  • Unlike the other DCIM players, we can actually target a PUE value for any datacenter and achieve it over time with solid planning. TeeCube DCIM's is based on a SOE (standard operating environment), which includes many inbuilt SOPs/SLA's/SLT's etc. We have also included a provisioning tool to manage spaces and power utilization in our racks on the fly. This helps to manage the intial power and airconditioning design for a little more time, than envisaged.

  • Our DCIM's Inventory management capability is also incomparable vis a vis other comparable DCIM tools. Difference was created by our product managers, post gap analysis done, after working in various DCs for decades. We are focused on the IT equipments and their utlised load on every rack in the datacenter. Since that's where it all starts. The heat dissipation and requirement for airconditioning. We have further sub engineered functions collaborating with each other to bring out the required DCIM solution

  • Our UX and UI are way different than the other tools in contention. We always have focused on the fact that, our customers can employ minimal waged people to manage our tool. Engineers would only be needed when we have a problem or two. The problems would be showcased in the exact location, as they happen. The tool would categorize the problem into various facets, so that the trouble shooting is faster. Dash boarding and reporting are also the factors, to choose TeeCube DCIM

On Premise Solutions

The Features

Centralized Command & Control System

TeeCube’s DC command and control center can manage multiple datacenters at the same time at different physical locations. Can make comparisons (analytics) between them and help the stake holders to make the right choices Single solution to work towards standardization, consolidation, virtualization, automation and security.

Difference between TeeCube DCIM and Others

We can identify interdependencies between facility and IT infrastructures and alert the IT and facility managers. Our yrs of experience has helped us to model our solution to handle the dynamic nature of the equipments on the racks, while holistically benchmarking the power consumption to bring about the "green" initiatives

Business Analytics & Dashboard

In "the Era of Infinite Capacity", we need reports and dashboards to plan and manage capacities and ubiquitous nature of the data. The command and control center of the DC would also analyze, as to when and where the data is needed. Data regarding usage of power/energy, computing power, data storage and requirement of networking/telecommunications would be constantly collected and would plan for cooling and space requirements.

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Ongoing Project

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