Workflow for Project Management

Support functions, like maintenance, ordering spares and preempting situations is a complex mix of repetitive and somewhat adhoc work. Teams must prepare updates and reports on a regular basis and must ensure that both internal and external customers are handled in a timely manner. They must also have a process to respond to unexpected requests for action across the customer base. Finally there's always these urgent requests from the top management, who are unaware of the disruption they cause. On top of all this, staff may be asked to spend considerable time in meetings to discuss, review and plan their work. This environment makes it extremely difficult for mid level managers and team leaders to measure and improve performance. Their teams may be working on multiple projects simultaneously. Without knowing who is doing what, it can be hard for mid to Sr level managers to help their teams to prioritize tasks. Problems arise from this lack of transparency. For example, work may be unevenly allocated, with staff getting overwhelmed on some days and under-occupied on others; or issues that threaten the delivery of important work may not become clear until it is too late to fix them. The Workflow management system should be the core part of all important business support functions, providing a solid basis on which to track and improve performance. Our Solutions have increased the speed of decision making, implementing radical changes in work practices, and rapidly implemented transformational investments that have allowed many companies to maintain productivity and meet customer expectations

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The key deliverables

Key deliverables of the Workflow Management tool

Key deliverable

We distinguish between the various workloads our customers might have and make rules for engagement to execute the requirement in the most streamlined way possible

Key deliverable

Our team members are able to give their customers much more reliable estimates for the delivery of work requests. At the same time, the daily reviews of upcoming tasks mean that teams can more consistently prioritize work that is most important, rather than the customers who shout the loudest. A real-time assessment of task progress helps team leaders too to ascertain the situation.

Key deliverable

The workflow technique enables effective problem capturing, allowing the issues to be tackled in regular problem-solving sessions with the team members and the management. In one of the companies, it was immediately obvious that a large amount of work was coming from a small minority of customers. In such cases Sr managers were able to intervene and discuss the requirements of such customers so that the team could focus on the scheduled work load and reduce the disruptive effect.

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Workflow for project management

Infrastructure management is a space where domain expertise is available very scarcely. In TeeCube, we have hands on people, who have dirtied their hands in various domains like Urban Transport, Datacentres, Emergency Control Centers.

Transparency is indispensable for understanding business processes, thus the workflow management. In the era of big data and analytics, and with the advent of task-capturing technologies, companies can now truly understand the importance of workflow management. A process insights approach, in tandem with such technologies, can help organizations to pinpoint and reduce process inefficiencies everywhere in the enterprise where such processes are performed.

When implemented as part of a broader management system, the process insights approach serves both in the short term (to help tweak process design) and the long term (to support continuous improvement). Think of it as a holistic management approach with flexibility: it can work with low code or no code, in virtual collaboration environments, and in many other organizational circumstances and arrangements.

Above all, process insights positions companies to make improvements that enable their people to perform the more valuable work they were meant to do.

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