Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) Solutions

Emergency operation centers (EOCs) have been at the core of emergency management, since emergency response became a coordinated team activity. The ability to maintain extreme pressures and deliver as per the SOPs, would be single biggest criteria for evaluation. TeeCube's "EOC" team specializes in the sustenance of processes for Infrastructures like the Railway stations, Airports, Large corporate buildings. We would like to add Hospitals and Stadiums to it. We have decided to help the Police, the Fire brigade and the Solid waste mgmt teams pro-bono.

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Need to have 3 banners, with numbers dial 100, 112, and 108
360 Degree Infrastructure Solution
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The advantages of TeeCube EOC

Our key deliverables

  • TeeCube's EOC is a modular tool, which can be used to manage integrated disaster management programs for any large City or Area, which is prone to disaster or attacks or Riots. Or can be managed individually for a particular type of outcry. It's the way the tool has been engineered, really solves a lot of problems which the current day EOC tool faces on a daily basis

  • TeeCube's EOC tool defines roles and responsibilities of all the stakeholders clearly and manages the same automatically. All escalations Algos are based on a workflow system. Over the time the crisis managers at all levels can take the lead in engaging with policy makers to clarify roles and responsibilities across various levels to meet future demands. The tool on its own suggests the changes needed in the tool, for a specific program

  • TeeCube's EOC is supported with a very capable integrated Inventory management tool. Over the time, it has been realized that, even with the right thought processes, not having the right people and the equipments at the right place, is cause of the chaos. Thus over the time people and equipments have to be categorized in the tool. So that the moment we anticipate a specific problem, the tool throws out the best template possible to solve the anticipated issue

On Premise Solutions

The Features

Targeting the early warnings

* High Criticality * High Impact * Least likelihood of happening

Ability to coordinate

* Ensure access to constant update of stakeholders, location details and citizens * Constantly write SOPs, as new eventualities are to be tackled * Develop a process for meeting before (likelihood of crisis), during and after any crisis

Get Relevant data, from the sensory organs

* Should be able to parse and integrate disparate datasets * Simplified processing of data into meaningful outcome * Maintains realtime or near realtime data with drill down capabilities, giving insight to geographic visibility * Decision making tool informs the leadership of the key changes and vulnerabilities * Customized Visualization and dashboards

Constantly strenghthen the team and the processes

* Build redundancy between EOC positions, to focus on the soft and high devastation cases * Constantly enhance the capabilities of the people by training them on simulators and editing the processes, to make them more applicable and faster to react

Business Analytics & Dashboard

Teecube provides the EOC Policy makers to extract data from multiple applications and equipments to use data and analytics to extract insights and craft interventions. With so much data available, the trick has been to ensure this information is aggregated for the future benefits of the Infrastructure under scrutiny

Emergency Response System (ERS)

Ongoing Project

A Sneek Peak Into Our Ongoing Live Infrastructure Management Projects

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