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Maintenance of any infrastructure, such as a Hospital, an Auditorium, a Corporate Building, are always at high risk. These risks include under-provisioning or over-provisioning, incompatibilities, network issues and outages, vendor reliability, and unexpected costs.
TeeCube has joint expertise of many decades, with their 5 specialists and their respective teams who have worked on - Airports, Railway stations, large datacenter projects for the last couple of decades.
We are here to help such major installations, with the TeeCube Magic.

Genesis of TeeCube

The leadership team of TeeCube has worked together in past and known each other for over a few decades now. They envisaged and created products and solutions together. An extremely well versed crew, having done business, the world over

Asset and Inventory Management

Maintenance activities, and the associated spare parts, are a big supply-chain challenge in asset-intensive industries. Take air travel, for example. Every year, the world's airlines spend an estimated $70 billion on maintenance—twice as much as they make in profit. Collectively, they hold some $50 billion in spares and inventory, yet are still plagued by technical problems and poor availability, with the average aircraft operating for only 10.5 hours a day.

Project Management and Consulting

Infrastructure projects are becoming ever more complex and require highly sophisticated project management. Drawing upon many years of experience, we will guide you from the beginning of your project to the end. As the sole engineering contractor for the entire IT system for the Urban Transport, we are intimately familiar with the structures, contexts and dependencies in highly complex rail projects which involve many different stakeholders. Our experts will plan, coordinate, review and document each step, using modern methodologies and tools to optimally manage deadlines, costs, quality and risks and to meet all requirements related to implementation. Working together in this way, we will ensure your project is a lasting success.

Device Certification for 3rd party tools

The Certification process involves subjecting a new device to a variety of tests. Conformance testing is undertaken to ensure that the device conforms to relevant inter connectivity standards. Interoperability tests verify the correct operation of key interfaces between the end device and manager of managers.

Analytics and Dashboards

Asset owners and various infrastructure verticals hold a lot of data on the conditional, maintenance, and operations. This data can be used to greatly improve your capital-planning decisions. Although advanced analytics is increasingly used by infrastructure players in both the private and public sectors, the industry still tends to lag behind others, such as retail, financial services, and automotive, in embracing advanced analytics comprehensively across their project life cycle. In particular, we see a significant opportunity to increase its use in capital-planning processes.

The Team

It’s critical to understand if facilities align with the overall strategy. A few may require a significant capital investment to align with the new business and technology objectives.

Teevra Bose
Founder & CTO

Teevra’s career started in the early 90’s. Was trained in a multi-faceted organization like WIPRO Ltd. Learning communication and networking techniques was always his first love. Infrastructure management space was an automatic progression for him.
In the last 30+ years he has dedicated himself to only these two areas. Passion for creating products was the next step. Thats how Athenta Tech and TeeCube were born.
He has had the privilege of holding leadership positions in CA (erstwhile Computer Associates) and Apara Enterprise solutions.
A Well-travelled professional with projects sign offs in UK, Gulf, India and multiple parts of South Asia

Jitendra Hariramani
Chief Excutive Officer

Jitendra Hariramani is an engineer with over 30 years, dealing in ICT and a Master of System Integration Business. He has sphere headed key business functions in well recognized organizations like Ashoka Buildcon Ltd, Larsen & Toubro Ltd, AGC Networks Ltd in the past in Business Development and while executing, multiple Smart Cities, City based Traffic Management, Data Centres, and other similar ICT projects.
He is skilled in developing relationships with key decision-makers in target organizations while, simultaneously strengthening client relationships

Binod Panda
Sr Strategy Consultant - OEMs & International Market

Binod Panda has over 29+ years of experience in IT, ecommerce industry, Product Management, Channel Management, Sales & Marketing & Business Management . He turned a Consultant & an Independent Entrepreneur in 2009 - helped companies for Go To market, Sales & Marketing Management, Strategic Consulting & launching products & solutions in global markets. Prior to these ventures, he has served as the Director – ESG for Ingram Micro, Country Head for Apara Enterprise Solutions, Regional Sales Manager for Wipro.

Imran Raza
National Product Manager

Imran started his professional journey under the Tutelage of Teevra in 2012 as a software engineer working on the TOMS tool in its earliest Avtar. After staying for couple of years, Imran left and went away to join a Qatari software company to taste the waters abroad. He came back from Qatar in a few years and moved from strength to strength to become the national products manager at TeeCube in Nov 2021.
Along with his expertise in developing effective go-to-market strategies on the solutions side along with the ability to negotiate pricing models with partners to maximize TeeCube's capability, Imran his a very handy POET.

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The Indian Subcontinent and most under developed countries lack the knowledge of managing the critical infrastructures in their respective countries. We would like to put a stop to that and establish processes and study material, to transfer our hard toiled knowledge to the talented next Gen

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