Urban Transport Management Solutions

Any city transportation network is its cardiovascular system—a multifaceted structure that enables the continuous flow of people and goods through its arteries, should not only be available, but should look at safety and sustainability equally. TeeCube suggests that, we should pay attention to three key insights, that are best-in-class practices in cities around the developed world. 1. Interconnecting various modes of city public transport into a chain. Leaving just walking distance for the common man, who uses these services 2. The point of public safety has always been a cause of concern in public transport. We need to worry between fare hike and freq of the services. People shouldn't go back to private vehicles, and increase the road traffic and pollution in the city. 3. Analytics know how - Existing data and data history are not rich enough to predict the failure of specific sub components of more complex systems.

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the advantages

Key deliverables from our Urban Transport management solution

  • With 4 domestic and 2 International project, we certainly have got an edge over the competition. We have got a clear cut 3 years road map of product building in this space. One of our next steps is to inter link the timetables of the various city transport system. Do prediction on the various ways of commuting from location A to location B across the major spots of the city

  • Our implementation and best practices on the Train signaling system is the only inherent technique developed in India. We are looking forward to develop cheaper ways of managing the train signaling system for the future

  • We are working on building special commuting services for Ladies, Girls, Disabled and Sr Citizens. Since these categories are vulnerable to problems while commuting. Secondly if solution done well, this community can enhance the revenue of the city urban transport system in a big way

On Premise Solutions

The Features

The manager of managers

As the name suggests, we manage all the element managers, which manage individual equipments.

1. Train movement vs Passenger movement.

2. Constant status on cleanliness across all areas of the station

3. 24 X 7 Vigil on safety and security

4. Status of equipments on the various floors of the station

Energy Usage on the station

Inventory management

The rail sector is no exception when it comes to disruptive changes through digitization. In a sector where fleet and stations reliability is a key lever for increasing efficiency and reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).

- Advanced analytics solutions from TeeCube will address both, condition based maintenance and predictive maintenance to create a great opportunity to yield the next big efficiency leap in maintenance – reducing the number of failures, the amount of unplanned maintenance and eventually, the required level of reserve asset capacity for rail operators.

Business Analytics & Dashboard

TeeCube manages all the element managers, which can manage the individual equipments in every railway/airport/similar infrastructure and create dashboards, which are directly proportional to revenue and lower cost of ownership

1. Defining the desired strategic target state and developing a partnering strategy upfront is key to success with respect to condition-based maintenance. An assessment along key parameters such as market position, fleet characteristics, and operating contexts can help rail players assess their fitness for condition-based maintenance.

2. Equipment Failures Vs total cost of the equipment including cost of implementation per station (will give us a clear cut ROI)

Maintenance Management

We have the following to offer -

Advanced analytics which is going to make condition-based maintenance an attractive lever for increasing maintenance efficiency. With efficiency gains of 10 to 15% expected, it is estimated that the global maintenance market can save up to USD 7.5 billion per year by moving towards condition-based maintenance.

The additional jump would come from the condition-based predictive maintenance schemes (currently estimated at a maximum of 10%) to be aggressively pursued.

Safety and Security

TeeCube looks forward the help the Rail and Bus companies by safe, affordable, and accessible transportation for everyone, especially those who find themselves in vulnerable situations. We are planning to address all the 3 areas - of the commuter journey:

1. Planning and booking,

2. The pre departure experience at boarding areas,

3. The travel itself.

Urban Transport Management Solutions

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