Management of Integrated Systems

Companies may able to get digital transformations off the ground by separating digital from conventional IT. But this approach may not be sustainable.

Select the right tool for the job. Process insights is less about finding a single platform that will solve all your needs and more about identifying a suite of technologies that can help you understand and manage operations holistically, based on your unique requirements.

To a greater degree than before, technology groups must focus on integrating the new digital tools and approaches with existing legacy systems and methodologies—a task that isn’t always as straightforward as it sounds. Companies have introduced costly, complicated initiatives designed to deploy digital tools and approaches organization-wide, only to see such programs fall short of their potential or stall completely.

Thats where TeeCube pitches in, with its preventive, reactive and performance based maintenance strategy.

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More About Us

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Our Key Deliverables on Management of the Integrated Systems (Industry Vertical)

Key deliverable

We listen to our clients pain points and are able to tailor a solution for them. We have taken up such projects in the past with one FMCG and one Auto industry customer other than the ITES customers. Our solutions have been economically viable and ROI driven

Key deliverable

The journey toward an integrated model is neither easy nor quick. It can take years to complete depending on a company’s starting point and digital aspirations. We will design flexible, perpetually evolving enterprise architectures, with lightweight connections. That will support the deployment of new business capabilities for our esteemed customers

Key deliverable

From production to procurement, incident management to inventory and human resources involved in the project, it records and stores all your core business data on a centralized database. The application is more focused on the data, information and agility of a set processes. Our latest addition to the solution is "Impact Analysis". Its the impact between two critical equipments or processes. Which helps our customers to prevent situation of "no return"

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Large or small, Infrastructures need sustenance

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TeeCube has had experiences in

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2. Auto Industry,

3. Large corporate

4. Govt

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