Web Based Services

Operations is key to the success of any project whether internal or external.

DCIM over web

Management of small and medium Datacenter with a 4 tier focus

  • 2D view of the racks and 3D view of the entire DC
  • Incident management in the Data Center
  • 3 Dashboards and 5 reports on a weekly, monthly and Yearly basis
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Management of Integrated Systems

The pace of disruption in enterprise IT is rapid and poised to accelerate, touching nearly every area of the sector, from servers and security to storage and software development. Similarly, the needs of enterprise customers are changing quickly as the shift to the public cloud fuels the adoption of other new technologies and drives internal innovation.

  • Building and its components in Entirity
  • Hygene of the people
  • Physical Security
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Inventory and Maintenance Management

Any Building can be sustained for multiple of decades, if we can maintain the key components of the building, say HVAC, Fire fighting and other electro-mechanical equipments with the right maintenance techniques. AT TeeCube we keep tab on each and every critical inventory, in the building along with space and cooling so that the people in the building to operate in peace and some OPEX can be saved.

  • Dashboard on building maintenance
  • Maintenance of critical inventory - DG ; UPS ; Access Control, CCTV's
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Workflow for Project Management

Why are we not able to deliver the projects in time - That is because we don't know how different modules in any project would be stitched together. Thus the stipulated time lines are missed and so are its expected KRA's and KPI's.

If we can follow a pattern prescribed according to a workflow (Defining the best practices). We would always achieve the SOE
KRA - Key resultant Area
KPI - Key performance indicators
SOE - Standard operating Environment

  • Project plans would achieve the desired result of 99.999
  • Internal and external security would never be compromised, even after iterations are made in the main plan
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