Inventory and Maintenance Management

The inventory management module is an integral part of any "Operations Management system". The said module forms the backbone to manage large buildings and Companies dealing with the Railways, Metros, Airports, factories generating Autos or FMCG products for quick turn around in various maintenance works. Also assisting them in optimizing space and further reducing operational costs. By understanding the pain points experienced from front line personnel's, maintenance planners, and the plant managers, Teecube consultants can design an effective, digitally enabled processes to address longstanding problems. Can additionally improve labour problem by almost 20% One large backlog of tasks created in a FMCG plant had reduced the overall reliability of the plant. Changes were brought in the existing processes in next 4 weeks time and some time was needed for implementation. After the next 8 weeks post the changes the company thought they never had that backlog, in the first place. We can generate significant value for asset-intensive industries. However this value can only be captured, if the implementation is targeted on critical junctures of the processes, with focus on the underlying processes, end users, and value-creation levers, and integrated to the wider IT ecosystem for operations and maintenance. Its certainly of great help, if the maintenance solution can integrate with the management of the larger eco-system of the plant

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Our Key Deliverables on Supply chain and Maintenance management

Key deliverable

We bring in transparency, which is key to the successes of our customers who have worked with us on a few projects . For any large operations, we need to be clear at all times, that which product is where and in what quantity. This requires distributed asset and order management capability for interlinking various nodes

Key deliverable

Finite and Infinite capacity planning- Essential for developing operational plans that are accurate, feasible and efficient
Infinite capacity planning- To determine bottlenecks
Delivery Estimation- To arrive at realistic procurement dates for new procurement, considering the current stock availability and workload

Key deliverable

From production to procurement, incident management to inventory and human resources involved in the project, we record and stores all your core business data on a centralized database.
Our latest addition to the solution is "Impact Analysis". Its the impact between two critical equipments or processes. Which can helps our customers to prevent a chaotic situation

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